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  • Specifications

    Working width, cm 275
    Working width without side plates, cm 255
    Working width with 1 wing, cm 295
    Working width with 2 wings, cm 315
    Fan diameter, cm 85
    Feeder screw diameter, cm 85
    Weight, kg 1400
    HP requirement from 130 hp
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  • Pictures

    Heavy duty gearbox and automatic clutches for feeder screws.
    Stor solid girboks og clutcher for innmaterskruer

    Grease fittings in chute bolts.
    Can be dragged or reversed as standard. Front mounting requires gearbox
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Globus GTF 275 is one of the most durable two-stage snow blowers in its segment

Extended use of high quality Hardox and Strenx steel in the chassis, as well as Hardox 450 in the fan, fan housing and feeder screws. The wear plates are manufactured in Hardox 500 and can be flipped for extended use if they are worn down on one side.

As with all our blowers, the combinations of quality steel parts in these machines makes for a long lifetime  with low running costs. The big 85 cm fan gives these snow-blowers superior capacity. The heart of the blower is a heavy duty centre-mounted gearbox, fitted with automatic clutches on each side towards the feeder screws.

The machine can as standard be mounted in the rear of the tractor for dragging or running in reverse. By using a gearbox-kit it can also be mounted in front of the tractor. The attachment for the adapter frames makes switching between the different mounting types very simple and fast.

The blower can be fitted with a wide range of addons, like fixed extension wings, hydraulic extension wings, wheels, large skis and spring loaded safety release adapter.

The snow chute is designed with a two-stage flap to give the user full control of the direction of the snow.

You can also direct the snow into the space between the tractor and the machine to avoid leaving snow in driveways. The chute can be folded down for easy maintenance and is also fitted with grease nipples for all joints to expand the chutes lifetime.

From 2020 the GTF 275 will have a 3 years factory warranty.

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