Two-stage Snow blowers with extensive use of Hardox

The GLOBUS two-stage snow blowers are among the most solid and durable two-stage snow blowers in its class on the market. The extensive use of high quality Hardox and Strenx steel makes this a small, but mighty machine. The fan and feeder screws are made in Hardox 450 wear resistant steel, and the replaceable wear plates are in Hardox 500. Combined with a heavy duty driveline with duplex chains. a powerful gearbox and sturdy bearings, this makes for a long machine lifetime and low running costs. The driveline is also fitted with a shear bolt coupling between the gearbox and the feeder screws.

The machine can be fitted with a wide range of addons like fixed extension wings, hydraulic extension wings and wheels, to fit your demands. The snow chute is designed with a two-stage flap to give the user full control of the direction of the snow.

You can also direct the snow into the space between the tractor and the machine to avoid leaving snow in driveways. The chute can be folded down for easy maintenance and is also fitted with grease nipples for all joints to expand the chutes lifetime.