Globus have more than 30 years of experience in production and development of V-blowers

Our V-blowers are some of the most durable blowers of this kind on the market today. This is due to the solid frame-construction and extensive use of Hardox and Strenx high quality steel in the machine chassis. The blower fan and fan housing are manufactured in Hardox 450 wear-resistant steel.

The wear plates are made in Hardox 500 quality and can be flipped for extended use when one side is worn down. The feeder-wings on the fan axle is forged and hardened boron steel alloy for maximum durability. In combination, this gives the machines a long life with low running costs.

The V-blowers can be supplemented with extension wings on both sides, which increases the working width up to 40 cm. The wings are also equipped with wear plates in Hardox 500, that can also be flipped when worn down on one side.

Because of its design and heavy weight, the V-blowers has excellent scraping capabilities, and leaves you with a smooth and even road surface. The snow chute is designed with a two-stage flap to give the user full control of the direction of the snow. You can also direct the snow into the space between the tractor and the machine to avoid leaving snow in driveways. The chute can be folded down for easy maintenance and is also fitted with grease nipples for all joints to expand the chutes lifetime.